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Souped-up Civic Souped-up Civic

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

god ppl are dumb

ok people im gonna give facts not opinions....
the fastest four cylinder car ran a 6.975 yes i know this is true and it wasnt a normal 4 cylinder it was a nopi car which means it was like a 4.0 for cylinder
the fastest top fuel car runs about a 5 and it is around a 6.0 V8 and no im not icluding the rail cars they run even faster......
im not saying civics are ugly or awesome im giving facts in speed
rule #1 more displacement = oppurtunity for more horsepower
and oh yah to these fags who say a civic is a race car in a economy cars package thats just dumb normal civics have about 120 horse
even the Si isnt an extremely fast car its only got 160 horse so look at the numbers people... oh and if your saying to your self well it weighs less well that it does but it still only runs 16' s in the quarter mile thats the Si, and no putting intake exhaust and a giant wing on it doesnt make it a jet car

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